Freedom Engine Academy bridges the gap between the experienced DJ, producer and live act.

We are focused on providing a higher education for DJs and aspiring producers looking to adapt their skill set to music production and live performance.

Understanding the mixer (eq, levels, faders, and effects), practiced listening skills (rhythm, and a good sense of timing,) the ability to mix multiple tracks fluidly, and a love for underground dance music are pre-requisites.

This is not a school for beginners.

  • Learn from Mathew’s pick of the best professional engineers, piano instructors, vocal coaches, Ableton Live experts and music business professionals

  • Understand Mathew’s unique take on synthesis and sound design through the exploration of his vast collection of outboard gear

  • Gain a deep understanding of how to program your own set of sounds including drums, bass, keys, vocals, pads and field recordings

  • Have fun and take the pressure off your studio time with the "One Beat Per Day" exercise

  • Begin the journey of playing your music rather than programming it with a mouse as our contemporary piano instructors guide you

  • Work with Mathew to build a unique live set based on your individual skills

  • Receive feedback from your fellow participants on individual tracks and ideas via our Discord community

  • Understand the workflow of collaborating with your peers in a safe and friendly environment

  • Ask questions while Mathew demonstrates the melodies and basslines from his favorite tracks

Are you a DJ, live act, or producer and ready to grow your skillset?

Allow us to take your skills further and into the world of production and performing your music live. Attend 11 weekly sessions instructed by world class experts - topics include professional mixing and recording techniques, vocal instruction, music business, creative music production using Ableton Live 11 Suite (full license included in tuition fee), improvisation on stage, music theory, and piano technique focused on understanding the keyboard in a way relatable to producing electronic music.
Fingers playing synthesizer

Learn from industry experts, direct from their studios

Classes are taught online hosted by Freedom Engine Studio in Berlin. Mathew has a multi camera setup and professional camera crew on site to assist him in bringing you a high quality experience. This is much more than a typical zoom meeting. We also provide a dedicated tech support team to assist you with any during the class should any problems with your setup arise. Guest mentors teach directly from their respective studios while Mathew attends as a moderator. In one special session we move our production to The Brewery, where Erik Breuer will give you a direct look at the workflow of professional recording studio.
Freedom Engine Studio

Included in your enrolment

  • Roland Cloud

    Roland Cloud represents the ultimate cloud-based suite of high-resolution instruments, including Roland’s Legendary synths and drum machines, Zenology super synth and our music creation app, Zenbeats. Enrolment includes a 120 day Ultimate subscription and a one off chance to renew at USD $89 for one year (a 55% discount).

  • Ableton Live 11 Suite

    Ableton makes unique software and hardware for music creation and performance. Their products are used by a community of dedicated musicians, sound designers, and artists from across the world. Your enrolment includes a full licence!

  • A Chance to Release Your Music

    Mathew owns and operates three record labels. Freedom Engine specifically is dedicated to release music from artists related to the academy. We also take considerations for Wagon Repair and ITISWHATITIS labels.

  • Reference Videos

    Professionally edited recordings of the workshops featuring Beatriz Artola, Danuel Tate, Nathan Jonson and Sarkis Ricci will be available for reference. Please note - sessions with Mathew Jonson and Erik Breuer are not included.

This is what our graduates said...

Manaal Oomerbhoy

The freedom engine academy teachers are super passionate and inspiring - they helped me set sail on a journey of sonic exploration that I’m pretty sure will never end. The piano and keyboard classes were my personal favorite. Mathew was always approachable and helpful and made the entire experience very fun. Would definitely recommend freedom engine academy to those looking to learn or solidify their music skills.

Elmar von Cramon

Definitely the best music production course I've ever heard and seen. Mathew put together a well-structured course with an awesome bunch of talented co-lecturers, covering all relevant aspects of electronic music production throughout the three months. He managed to gather true artists opening their minds and souls in order to pass on their knowledge to us students. The piano classes with Danuel Tate almost felt spiritual and let me touch the keys of a synth in a completely different way ever since. I also learned a lot from Mathew opening his personal toolbox, giving us many precious tips about working with hard- and software in the studio and during live performance. Although it was an online course, the sessions felt very intimate, like sitting together with a friend in the studio that happens to be one of best producer and live artist in the world of electronic music. On top it was a great experience to meet like-minded people from all over the planet sharing our common passion for electronic music. Thanks Mathew, I'm looking forward to future projects of your academy!

Dear Jade

Enchanted about this course with the Freedom Engine Academy, Mathew is a truly wonderful dedicated teacher and artist! Getting insights into his production process was greatly inspiring. I loved the close and friendly contact he had with all the students, always available to answer questions and help out. The program is well put together and a perfect foot into music production, whether you are just starting out or looking to deepen your technique! Thank you!!

Julio Santo Domingo

That was a fun 3 month weekly get together! Being quite busy with life and always having a passion for music production, this course was perfect for me as it got me into the habit of exercising the process of production again, which I had lost over the years. Mathew and his team of expert teachers were always delightful and available to discuss their tips and tricks of the trade. In this field, learning never ends and the more you know, the better you get. I would advise anyone with a penchant and thirst for knowledge to sign up for this course, you’ll meet like minded individuals from all over the world, and get right into the flow of things. I wish the Freedom Engine Academy existed sooner!

Sara Rojas

My time at Freedom Engine Academy was a very important growing moment for my career as a DJ and producer. Mathew is a generous teacher that not only shares knowledge and experience but also passion for music. Having so many great musicians involved in the learning process as guest teachers is a unique and enriching experience that gives the students the chance to learn from diverse approaches and musical experiences. I'm very thankful to Mathew and the academy for giving me a scholarship, it was a very important and amazing opportunity that has helped me grow and develop. It was also super enriching to share a friendly environment with my classmates who are also amazing musicians from around the world. Having the chance to learn from artists with experience and passion is the best way to learn and grow. Thanks Freedom Engine Academy!

Dani Ramos

Freedom Engine Academy has been an interesting journey into deep knowledge about electronic music, it’s work flow, theories and practices ! It has been an absolute delight to be part of this academy.

Sean Martin

The Freedom Engine Academy blew my expectations out of the water. From directly working with Mathew and his in house crew to the various guests; I can say that this felt like a true mentorship. The different perspectives involved are probably what made the most difference to myself. From piano playing, basic synthesis, to digital compression in Ableton it was everything I could have dreamed of. It felt very special to be a part of something where we could learn not only from those presenting and sharing but from each other. I have done a myriad of other mentorship programs available and it is not hard to tell that hearts and souls have been poured into this project. There were excellent resources, amazing perks, and overall an amazingly good time. My hope is that I can stay involved in one way or another. I can't wait to see where this project goes next!

James Demon

During my time in the freedom engine academy I increased my skills and work flow by 100 times. My favorite part was the "One Beat Per Day" exercise that really lit a spark of inspiration inside me, so much that I ending up making almost a track a day. Some highlights for me were the piano lessons, learning synthesis, and the module on Ableton Live 11. The best for me though was the mixing module with Beatriz Artola. This really helped me to elevate my mixes and transform my sound. Learning to apply music theory to techno helped me incredibly as well. I played other instruments in my youth but learning just basic piano skills taught me how to really construct musical elements that play well together even in the harder and industrial spectrum of techno. All in all the several months we spent together was a very productive and fun time. It was also great meeting my fellow students who all were lovely people from all walks of the world.

Milo Novikov

For me Freedom Engine Academy is one of the best experiences I've ever had. The mentors are top tier professionals in their own field. They taught me about music production and also about myself which completely changed the way I feel and create music.

Binary Function

A truly amazing musical journey of intelligent learning Many thanks to Mathew Jonson for sharing his love and passion for both music and humans throughout what can only be described as an inspiring journey of learning. I have learnt many new skills and techniques that I can apply to all aspects of electronic music production as well as DJ’ing. I have been truly inspired by Mathew and the incredibly talented mentors who collaborated in the Freedom Engine Academy, not to mention the brilliant bunch of students from all 4 corners of the globe who completed the course alongside myself. Thank you so much for everything you have taught me, I enjoyed every second.



This is an academy made for everyone, I learned a lot of different visions on production of music, from music theory to advanced techniques in production. The experience is enriching because you get to interact and befriend students from around the world, also you are in the studio with mathew while he is running through his sessions which makes you have a sight into how to start your own studio, or if you are deep into this you can learn how to upgrade yours. I found myself learning a lot about analog systems, programming skills and very stimulating exercises that lead all the students into a journey of musical self awareness. The music theory advice we received also helped me clear my vision of how to handle my actual musical knowledge into the production process on a DAW. The information was very clear, in a way that no matter what previous level of knowledge you had you would definitely get something out of it, the mentors always made sure that I would be clear on how to apply the information they were spreading into my actual productions, always felt understood and the academy in general was so much accessible and friendly! it has definitely been an important and enriching experience to be mentored by such amazing and legendary people, thank you for this opportunity.

Jafary Bandukine

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you Freedom Engine Academy for the reliable education you provided me, my friends are wondering how I can use the ableton live even though it was the first time I saw it. I have changed a lot from the quality of work to the way of thinking after learning from the Freedom Engine Academy. Your amazing and good place for people who want to learn about electronic music.. Asanteni sana.

Carlos Yalo (Djazz)

My time at the freedom engine academy course was one of pure enlightenment and learning curve for myself. Mathew Jonson and the tutors did a wonderful job on teaching us on all aspects of music theory learning and business acumen. My highlights of the course was the drum machine and synth set up on a studio environment!!! I highly recommend this course to anyone looking for a unique learning experience on electronic music making!!!


The Freedom Engine Academy has been a great experience founded on exchange and collaborative work. I would recommend it for any music passionate who wishes to discover not only the processes of the amazing mentors but also wishes to meet and exchange with other peers.

Darren Ultraplay

The Freedom Engine Academy experience is unlike any other music production course out there. I've completed a lot of courses and tutorials over the years, and none of them come even close to this well thought out, wonderful adventure of musical exploration. What an absolute honour it's been to be taught by Mathew and his carefully selected guest mentors, all of whom share their tips and tricks on the journey towards mastery. It's been an enlightening experience to be invited into Mathew's cosy studio each week, along with a group of likeminded students from across the globe, as we watch, listen, learn, ask questions, and discuss anything, and everything, about music. It will be the fastest three months of your life, so cherish every moment <3.


Apart from the deep well of great knowledge provided by the team of tutors curated by Mathew, what also really helped me to thrive at FEA was that they always made me feel respected as and treated me like an equal, musician.


The Freedom Engine Academy definitely gave me a huge leap in my music production. The curriculum is amazing. We learned very practical techniques or theories we can use right away in our production. Mathew explained every detail how he makes music from scratch and also how to prepare for Live-set. Other tutors are great as well. Not only are they on top of their game but also very genuine. Felt good just to be there. They come from different backgrounds like jazz piano, vocal, producing, mixing/mastering and even promoting, which I found very cool especially so you get to know the perspectives of promoters and the industry more. One of the best parts is exercising OBPD(making a beat per day) and having a nice community. I got to know nice people there and we really cheered up each other to keep it going. Eventually I released some music based on my OBPD. So it’s not only fun but also worked out! Highly recommend anyone who’d love to learn about live-set or production or even just for fun!

Arwen Varda

I was super excited to be accepted onto the Freedom Engine Academy course. It felt great meeting new like minded people. The weekly sessions were a joy and each tutor was extremely knowledgeable and full of enthusiasm to pass on their insight to us.  It felt like a family and I still feel connected and always will do thanks to Mathew’s love of music and general down to earth fun loving nature.  My favourite saying of his “that’s when the magic happens” just comes naturally to him every time he plays a key or tweaks a drum machine, he has this insane ability to produce amazing things and enthuse his students.  As a DJ I wanted to learn to make my own music, this gave me the confidence to learn Ableton and the ability to plug in hardware synths and drum machines to start my music making journey which continues thanks to the whole FEA team. I look forward to future courses! 

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