Freedom Engine Academy bridges the gap between the experienced DJ, producer and live act.

We are focused on providing a higher education for DJs and aspiring producers looking to adapt their skill set to music production and live performance.

Understanding the mixer (eq, levels, faders, and effects), practiced listening skills (rhythm, and a good sense of timing,) the ability to mix multiple tracks fluidly, and a love for underground dance music are pre-requisites.

This is not a school for beginners.

  • Learn from Mathew’s pick of the best professional engineers, piano instructors, and his favourite Ableton Live wizard

  • Understand Mathew’s unique take on synthesis and sound design through the exploration of his vast collection of outboard gear

  • Gain a deep understanding of how to program your own set of sounds including drums, bass, keys, vocals, pads and field recordings

  • Record thirty-six of your own beats throughout the duration of the course

  • Begin the journey of playing your music rather than programming it with a mouse. It’s not as hard as you may think.

  • Work with Mathew to build a unique live set based on your individual skills

  • Receive weekly feedback on your individual tracks and ideas

  • Understand the workflow of collaborating with your peers in a safe and friendly environment

  • Ask questions while Mathew demonstrates the melodies and basslines from his favorite tracks

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with Mathew Jonson

For experienced DJs who are ready to grow their skillset

You already know so much and have a great understanding of how to create energy on the dance floor. Allow us to take those skills further and into the world of production and performing your music live. Write music using inspirational “Firestarters” (synth and drums written by Mathew and his experienced team) to enjoy making the studio a part of your daily life. Put your record collection to good use by microsampling for application in wavetable and granular synthesis. Attend five special workshops taught by world class experts - topics include professional mixing and recording techniques, creative music production using Ableton Live 11 Suite (full licence included in tuition fee), music theory, and understanding the keyboard in a way relatable to producing dance music and improvisation on stage and in the studio. Get individualized weekly feedback on your “One Beat Per Day” exercises.
Fingers playing synthesizer

Learn from industry experts, direct from their studios

Classes are taught online from the Freedom Engine Studio in Berlin, where Mathew has a professional multi camera setup and camera crew on site to assist him in bringing you a professional experience. We have a dedicated tech support team to assist you with any problems that may arise with your setup during the class. Guest mentors will teach directly from their respective studios while Mathew attends as a moderator. One special session will be broadcast from Erik Breuer’s The Brewery, to give you a direct look at the workflow of professional recording studios and how to apply this in your own productions.
Freedom Engine Studio

Included in your enrolment

  • Roland Cloud

    Roland Cloud represents the ultimate cloud-based suite of high-resolution instruments, including Roland’s Legendary synths and drum machines, Zenology super synth and our music creation app, Zenbeats. Enrolment includes a 120 day Ultimate subscription and a one off chance to renew at USD $89 for one year (a 55% discount).

  • Ableton Live 11 Suite

    Ableton makes unique software and hardware for music creation and performance. Their products are used by a community of dedicated musicians, sound designers, and artists from across the world. Your enrolment includes a full licence!

  • Sample Banks

    Mathew's Synthesizer and Drum Machine demonstrations during your classes will be recorded with high resolution, mastering grade A/D converters. On course completion you will receive a Sample Bank based on these recordings licence free!

  • Reference Videos

    Professionally edited recordings of the workshops featuring Beatriz Artola, Danuel Tate, Nathan Jonson and Sarkis Ricci will be available for reference. Please note - sessions with Mathew Jonson and Erik Breuer are not included.

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